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Homemade bread gifts are special for any holiday or occasion! I’ll show you how to wrap round bread as a gift or pair bread with other goodies to create beautiful homemade bread gift baskets.

how to gift homemade bread pin image

When you enjoy baking bread as much as I do, it’s only a natural progression to want to share that joy with others by gifting the bread.

Homemade bread gifts don’t have to be elaborate (unless you want to go all out!). Gift wrapping a single loaf of bread in a pleasing way is a great place to start. A gift basket is such a fun project to put together as well.

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How to Wrap Round Bread as a Gift

It’s essential to allow bread to cool completely before you try to gift wrap it. This prevents condensation from forming in the packaging.

how to wrap sourdough bread as a gift with baker's string and gift tags

If you need to drop off a warm loaf to someone, you could simply wrap twine or baker’s string around the loaf. You could place the loaf in an open paper bag during transportation.

A gift tag adds a personal touch. I use Canva anytime I want to make my own labels or tags. They have stylish templates from graphic designers that can be customized easily.

a sourdough loaf wrapped as a gift

For another idea, you can gift bagels, soft pretzels or a large sourdough loaf in a clear bread bag tied with a ribbon (wired ribbon will hold its shape) or in one of these kraft paper bags with windows.

I like how the bread can be seen through these bags.

how to gift sourdough bread in a bread bag tied with a ribbon

A loaf of bread also looks lovely wrapped up in a tea towel and tied with twine. I used this linen tea towel which measures 17×26 inches.

Recipes for Homemade Bread Gifts

Any bread recipe that you are already comfortable baking would make a wonderful gift! Here are some recipe suggestions from my blog if you’d like more ideas:

Homemade Bread Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make such thoughtful homemade bread gifts! I made gift baskets for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day this year.

I baked up a double batch of my Sourdough English Muffins so I would have plenty to add to both baskets.

homemade bread gift basket made with english muffins, fruit spread, coffee beans, a wooden spreader, and a cloth napkin

I tucked in cloth napkins for a pop of color (which can be used in a basket to serve bread later), jars of fruit spread, and wooden spreaders.

a close-up of the gifts in a homemade bread gift basket

For my mother-in-law I even included a bag of craft coffee beans (my mom has a Keurig, so she was gifted extra English muffins and no coffee!).

For one of these gifts, I used a gift basket kit that I found at World Market. The kit contained an empty basket with a pack of excelsior, a gift tag, and a large cellophane bag to wrap everything up.

For my second gift, I used a shallow wooden box I found in the “wood pile” section at Hobby Lobby (I previously used one of these same boxes for my Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit).

How to Make Your Own Homemade Bread Gift Baskets

Here are step-by-step instructions if you’d like to create your own homemade bread gift basket.

I’ve also included a printable how-to card at the bottom of this post if that would be helpful for you as you collect your supplies.

1. Collect Gift Basket Supplies

Here is what you’ll need to start creating the gift basket:

2. Choose Food Items to Pair With Your Homemade Bread

It’s nice to have enough items in the basket with the bread that nothing will fall over during transport or look sparse. It helps if your basket isn’t too large for your items.

The homemade bread is the star of the show. Decide what bread you will bake, then choose two or more food or non-food items to gift that compliment the bread.

World Market is my go-to when I’m looking for non-perishable packaged food items for gifting. Any speciality food store would be a good place to look as well.

3. Choose Non-Food Items for Your Homemade Bread Gift Basket

Non-food items can solidify a theme you’re going with for your basket, or just be something special you know the recipient would enjoy.

4. Assemble Your Homemade Bread Gift Basket

Once you have collected everything you need, it’s time to assemble the basket.

  1. Fluff a wad of excelsior and place it in the bottom of your basket, vintage bowl, or wooden box.
  2. Add a colorful cloth napkin or tea towel off to one side. Set your homemade bread in as well.
  3. Fill any empty spaces with other food or non-food items you have chosen to add to the basket. Tie greenery, string or twine around any items for visual appeal. Move the items around until your are happy with the arrangement.
  4. Place the entire assembled basket inside of a clear cellophane gift basket bag. Write on a gift tag. Finally, fasten the top of the basket bag closed with ribbon, twine, or raffia, and make sure to tie the gift tag in place at the same time.
sourdough english muffin gift basket

I hope you love sharing your bread with these homemade bread gifts!

If you make this project and love it, I would greatly appreciate a star rating and review!

Tag your photo on Instagram @aberlehome to show me what you made!

homemade bread gift baskets

How to Make Homemade Bread Gift Baskets

Yield: 1 Gift Basket

Pair your homemade bread with other goodies to create a beautiful homemade bread gift basket! Homemade bread gifts are perfect for any occasion.


  • A suitable size basket, wooden box or vintage bowl for the bread and items that you wish to gift (the basket pictured is 11-inches in diameter and 5.5-inches tall without handles)
  • Natural wood excelsior basket filler
  • Cloth napkin or tea towel for a pop of color
  • Homemade bread, wrapped in desired packaging*
  • Other food and non-food items to gift alongside the bread (non-perishable items are the most practical)
  • A large clear cellophane gift basket bag (to wrap the entire gift basket)
  • Gift tag
  • Greenery, twine, raffia, ribbon, or baker's string to tie around items or fasten gift basket bag closed


  1. Fluff a wad of excelsior filler and place it in the bottom of your basket (or wooden box or vintage bowl).
  2. Place a folded cloth napkin or tea towel off to one side of the basket. Place homemade bread into the basket.
  3. Fill any empty spaces in the basket with other food or non-food items you want to include, and rearrange the items until you are happy with the layout. Tie ribbon, greenery, string or twine around any items that could use more visual appeal.
  4. Place entire assembled basket inside of a cellophane gift basket bag. Write on the gift tag. Fasten the top of the basket bag closed with ribbon, twine, or raffia, and make sure to tie the gift tag in place at the same time.