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Hi there, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Leanna Aberle, home baker and founder of the blog, Aberle Home.

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What You’ll Find on the Blog

I’m here to teach you traditional homemaking skills including sourdough bread baking and milling and baking with fresh wholegrain flour.

To make your own sourdough starter, click here.

To purchase a fresh sourdough starter, click here (affiliate link).

Occasionally you’ll see posts for keeping chickens or homeschooling.

I present my recipes with a step-by-step approach. I want both beginning and experienced bakers to find success.

This blog is for those who love self-sufficiency and making beautiful things at home!

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More About Leanna

I’m a wife, homemaker, and mom to four little girls.

My husband and I are currently fixing up our 1970s mountain home and 0.7 acre property. We love putting our hands to creative projects, and we enjoy keeping a flock of chickens for eggs.

a glimpse of our mountain home

I’ve enjoyed cooking and baking since I was a child learning alongside my mom, grandma, and aunt.

For the past several years I’ve taken deep dive into the world of sourdough baking. I started out with my homemade sourdough starter and a handful of sourdough recipes from one of my dear friends.

I began fermenting milk kefir and vegetables around the same time, and now these old-fashioned foods are a staple in my kitchen. I prefer to make food from scratch when I know I’m feeding my family a healthier option than what we can buy affordably!

I want sourdough baking and baking with freshly milled grains to be approachable and accessible to anyone who desires to learn, and I’m in the process of creating more sourdough baking resources for the home baker.

I started this blog in October of 2019. I hope you find some fun ideas and recipes to try out while you’re here!

And I hope this space glorifies the Lord, who made all of these beautiful things that we get to pursue and enjoy in our homes.

I’m so excited to learn and grow and be inspired together.


two of our girls holding hands