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For many of us it’s that time of year again where homeschool planning is in full swing. If you’re like me, you want good systems in place for your household and homeschool to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. To help, I’ve created a collection of 15 home and homeschool planning printables you can download for free!

free printable home and homeschool planning pages pinterest image

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I’ve realized that I always have so many sticky notes, random notepads, and notes in my phone to keep straight, and I wanted something more cohesive to keep our household on track.

I’ve made these pages generic enough that you can fill them out in the way that works best for you as well!

You can laminate some of these sheets and hang them up for the whole family to reference, filling them out weekly with dry-erase markers.

Others you could use throughout the year in an organization binder by simply hole punching them or placing them in sleeve protectors first.

I’ve even included a pretty binder cover page that matches the style of the other printables if you don’t have a more stylish binder already.

binder cover

Free Printable Planning Pages for the Home

For managing the home, I’ve created 3 spreadsheets: a Monthly Budget, a Bill Checklist, and a Home Maintenance Checklist.

monthly budget, bill checklist, and home maintenance checklist

For weekly use, I’ve created a Weekly Chores & Tasks page and a Weekly Meal Plan page with a grocery list.

These are the ones I am going to laminate and fill out with dry-erase markers. I like to plan meals for two weeks at a time, so I will be laminating two meal planning pages to keep on hand.

weekly chores and tasks, weekly meal plan, and recipe cards

There is a matching full-page recipe printable that will work in a binder with regular sleeve protectors.

Or you can print out the standard 4×6 recipe cards on cardstock. They will fit in a recipe box…

Or in a binder with recipe card page protectors.

Free Printable Homeschool Planner Pages

There are 4 homeschool schedule PDF pages that you can choose from depending on how you like to plan your days.

These are versatile and can be used to schedule anything you want for yourself, your children, or your household.

calendar, daily schedule, block schedule, and loop schedule

The blank calendar will allow you to work on the whole month at once.

Then there is a daily schedule if you like to plan by the hour, or a block schedule if you like to think of your day in chunks.

There is also a loop schedule if you like to have a daily task list but also be rotating through your other tasks or subjects, in the frequency you want, as you have time to get to them.

Loop schedules are so practical for planning morning time, planning household chores, and more!

I’ve also included a Book List spreadsheet to keep track of the books you’ve read or plan to read, and a Unit Study Plans sheet to keep all your thoughts and ideas together in one place.

book list and unit study plans

And finally, I’ve created a 6-page New Homeschool Year Goals & Growth Worksheet.

new homeschool year goals and growth worksheet

My hope is this worksheet will help you evaluate, dream, and stay on track for your school year while you stay focused on loving God and loving others.

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Full List of Printable PDFs

In summary, here is the full list of the PDF files that are included for download:

  • Binder Cover Page
  • Monthly Budget
  • Bill Checklist
  • Home Maintenance Checklist
  • Weekly Chores & Tasks
  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • 4×6 Recipe Cards
  • Recipe Binder Full Page
  • Calendar
  • Daily Schedule
  • Daily Block Schedule
  • Loop Schedule
  • Book List
  • Unit Study Plans
  • New Homeschool Year Goals & Growth Worksheet

I’m excited to see how you utilize these planning pages in your home and homeschool!