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Whether you’ve started homeschooling more recently, or you’ve been at it for multiple years now, it can be so beneficial to take a step back now and then and evaluate how things are going. Believe it or not, two simple questions can really put everything into perspective, get you on the right track, and help you to avoid homeschooling burnout on the front end!

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Question 1: Is Homeschooling Serving Our Family (Not the Other Way Around)?

In other words, is homeschooling serving the highest priorities in our family life or overshadowing our highest priorities?

Are those reasons we chose to homeschool in the first place being served?

I’m sure many of us can say that we want this homeschool lifestyle to ultimately grow our family closer and shape our family culture into something uniquely beautiful.

We want homeschooling to point our family to Christ and what His Word says is important. We want to see the good fruits of peace and joy coming from our efforts as we raise our children and prepare them for their futures.

We want to enjoy our days together.

But as we ask ourselves this question, do we find instead that our highest priorities are being sacrificed to serve the Almighty Homeschool?

Are we taking on too many subjects, feeling the pressure to complete every page and every assignment in the curriculum? Are we trying to push a young child to comprehend something they aren’t yet ready for because of unrealistic expectations we hold?

Do we have too many commitments and too many activities to juggle? Are we always comparing ourselves to others or attempting to force our homeschool into a mold that works for another family or the public school system?

Are frustration, stress, and exhaustion the fruits of our labor?

Making our lesser priorities serve our greater priorities (and not the other way around) is so foundational to our homeschooling success and our peace as a family.

Question 2: Does My Child Love Learning?

Although not every single part of school is “fun,” I’m sure we can all agree that we want our children to develop a love for learning—and be lifelong learners!

If our children do not enjoy learning, homeschool days will feel like a chore and a burden, and the school years will pass slowly.

If your answer to this question is, “No, my child does not love learning,” then here are some things to consider:

  1. Is my child experiencing a learning block or a learning disability that we need to overcome?
  2. Am I pushing my child too hard too soon?
  3. Is my curriculum a poor fit for my child’s learning style and interests?
  4. Are my child’s academic needs being met? Is my child being challenged enough?
  5. Are my child’s social needs being met?
  6. Do I as parent approach school time with stress or impatience?
  7. Can I work more of my child’s learning around his interests instead of trying to work him into being interested in subjects?
  8. Are there times when I could learn alongside my child as an example and inspiration to him?

These two thought-provoking questions, “Is homeschooling serving our family?” and “Does my child love learning?” can really unearth issues that may lead to difficulty and help us avoid homeschooling burnout down the road.

They can show us where we need to tweak and fine-tune our approach and return to our original intentions and goals.

New Homeschool Year Goals & Growth Worksheet

If you are in the place to evaluate and dream for your homeschool and you want to dive in deep and record your thoughts, I’ve recently created a worksheet that you will love!

new homeschool year goals and growth worksheet

The New Homeschool Year Goals & Growth Worksheet is 6 pages of questions along these same lines to help you get your homeschool on track. It is perfect at the onset of a new school year, but also great to work through anytime.

These questions will refocus your efforts on what is important in your home and homeschool as you love God and love others.

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Wishing you the best for your school year whether you find yourself at the beginning or a good portion of the way through!